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Where eco tourism and conservation go hand in hand.

Cousine Island is the epitome of a modern day Eco Tourism destination - a self sufficient dream desert island supported by the proceeds of a small luxury hotel - an eco friendly site in complete harmony.

It is the perfect environment for either just enjoying solitude or exploring the lush verdant hinterland of this exquisite eco friendly island - where giant tortoise can be seen to be freely wandering - where it is possible to be close - very close - to the many rare and endangered species that are unique to the Seychelles and Cousine Island in particular.

Cousine Island lays some six kilometres off the north west coast of Praslin in the Seychelles Islands it is short helicopter flight from Praslin Airport, or for the more adventurous, a ten to fifteen minute ride by the islands small power boat from beach to beach (there are no jetty facilities at either end). There is no airstrip and other than the beach, the island has no landing facilities.

The island has nice balance of wild natural coastline and wonderful sandy beaches; the entire island measures approximately a quarter of a square kilometre, has a few tracks but no roads.

Today guests to the island (a maximum of eight at any one time) are invited to support the work in what ever way they feel most comfortable - be it helping conservation staff with small tasks or simply by just being there and thus contributing towards the overheads of the island.

Cousine Island- Culture and History.

Cousine Island was in near total ruin as a natural environment as recently as 1992, when its was rescued by a gentleman with a single determined vision - to ecologically restore Cousine Island to its original state and support the endemic species of this Seychelles island. Although today the bulk of the work is essentially completed and the island is returned to its original eco friendly state the work still continues with a team of two full time ecologists and conservation staff who are permanently stationed on Cousine Island.

This is all made possible by the integration of the small exclusive Cousine Island Hotel complex of just four luxurious villas that both support the island whilst at the same time also enable a privileged few visitors to enjoy this most paradise of paradise islands.

Recreation on Cousine Island for those guests is limited to exploring the island, with or without the islands resident ecologists, or relaxing in ones own company with a book. This eco friendly reserve does, however, have an amply proportioned pool and with a maximum of ten guests on the island at any one time it is rarely "crowded".

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Flora and Fauna

Since the beginning of the Cousine Island Conservation Programme in 1995, over 2000 endemic species of trees have been planted on the island along many varieties of native vegetation whilst at the same time removing all alien species.

program introduced to protect nesting sea turtles and maintain the existing populations of endemic land birds including the Seychelles Magpie Robin, the Seychelles Warbler and the Seychelles Fody

Year round there are opportunities to observe at very close range the animal and bird life on Cousine Island- the majority of which associate little or no danger with human beings. It is entirely possible therefore to be able to exist with these creatures almost as though being one of their own species.

The experience of watching fledgling turtles leave their nest and head for the open ocean has to be truly one of lives great privileges.

Cousine Islands exists solely for the conservation of the endemic flowers, fauna and creatures of the island - the resort enables a privileged few people each year to experience - and be a part of - this unique experience.
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