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The Virtual Tour of La Digue Jetty, Seychelles

The first port of call on route to your hotel on La Digue - the Jetty. La Digue has no natural harbour so the jetty is probably the busiest point on the island, as you can be seen from the is Virtual Tour of the Jetty on La Digue.

The Jetty is where the inter island ferry from Praslin docks - the ferry is actually the big yellow boat (to land lubbers like me) or "schooner" to nautical chaps. The ferry (to be safe) sails fairly frequently between the islands - you can actually see Praslin over the shoulder of the lady in the pink jumper - and takes around 30 minutes for the journey.

As La Digue is a popular day trip from Praslin it is advisable to pre book your seat if at all possible as the last ferry of the day is nearly always full. This is the normal starting or finishing point for people taking a holiday on La Digue.>

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