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La Digue Island - Seychelles
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The Virtual Tour of La Digue Tourist Information Office

This definitely is the epi-centre of La Digue!

As you can see traffic is fairly light today (there are actually six licensed vehicles on La Digue) with the ox cart looking as though it might be time to move off.

The rhythm of life definitely slows another notch here as the Virtual Tour of La Digue demonstrates. The thatched cottage in the rotograph is the Tourist Office in La Digue and the road beyond it is actually the jetty side so it is a very short stroll "into town" from the ferry. The ox is facing south so when it does move it may head off to the helipad operated by Helicopters Seychelles - don't expect anything to happen to quickly on La Digue!

There are only a few hotels on La Digue although it has a number of excellent looking guesthouses. Being small and desirable La Digue tends to fill up quite quickly.

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