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Praslin Island - Seychelles
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Baie Ste Anne Jetty
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The Virtual Tour of Baie Ste Anne Jetty

For most people arriving on Praslin Island this means arriving by Cat Coco Hydrofoil Ferry from Mahé at  “the jetty”. Again, you can see from this Virtual Tour of Praslin Jetty the grandeur of this island and what makes it such a popular tourist attraction.

There's no question as to the quality of its beaches but look at the colour of the sea - look at the size of those hills and the cladding of vegetation on them - these islands of the Seychelles are no sandy atolls set in the middle of a large ocean - they are verdant living mountains in many ways similar to the Lake district in England or the lower alps in continental Europe.

This jetty at Praslin is the main entry point into Praslin - anything that isn't flown in has to come via this dock - a busy working dockside in every sense of the word. The local buses stop here in both directions so it is very easy to get to more or less anywhere on Praslin in half an hour or so.

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