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Praslin Island - Seychelles
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Grande Anse
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The Virtual Tour of Grande Anse, Seychelles

Situated up on the eastern side of the island of Praslin, close to Praslin Airport, Grande Anse is a large wide beach where the sea is good for both swimming and water sports.

During the south-eastern trade wind season (June to October) seaweed is sometimes pushed ashore as can be seen in this Virtual Tour of Grande Anse, Praslin. At other times the sea calms and the beach is clear of seaweed - perfection.

If you do get it wrong the other side of the island is usually free of seaweed and is either a short bus ride or an even quicker taxi ride! As if by confirmation of this, there are several hotels along Grande Anse including Le Relax all taking advantage of this fine beach.

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