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From £555 per
delegate per day
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From £1,250 per
delegate per day
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7 nts
per couple per villa

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Corporate Business Incentives

This year has been brilliant for you - the whole team has come up trumps! Profits are up, expansion plans are moving forward so now is the time to reward yourself and your troops. The pleasures of the Seychelles Islands are the King of Incentives and hold the key to your ever great success.

How many times will such a prize pay you back with dedication, determination and loyalty?

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The team at have combined their intimate knowledge of the Seychelles Islands to create for you a range of exciting company incentives that will stimulate even greater results from your already outstanding team.

Office desk in the Luxury of Denis Island
Alternatively for Your Self

Denis Island affords a wonderful opportunity to connect with the elements, your inner self and your loved one - and plan a little business - all within a truly affordable luxury resort. Tranquility and rest with as much - or little - active distractions as you might desire sailing, diving, tennis, wine cellar… whatever.

With a comprehensive media centre for maintaining active communications with the outside world Denis Island Resort could be the perfect place to get next years strategy sorted.

Luxurious Week Away in the Denis Island £3,370 oer Villa Half Board (flights and transfers excluded)

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For your Trusted Lieutenants
Enjoy the percs whilst relaxing down to business
5* Unadulterated Sheer Luxury at Maia Luxury Spa & Resort
The sole purpose of Maia is to encourage and lead you to rediscover yourself and your confidants in the safe haven of relaxation, awareness, luxury and beauty. A rare opportunity to escape to a sanctuary that will enhance your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

From £1,250 per delegate per day HB - go that extra mile - it’s never crowded.
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Enjoy exquisite business meals
For your OUTSTANDING Foot Soldiers.

5* Island Luxury at Sainte Anne Island Resort
A fantastic experience to combine work and pleasure, rewarding the whole team for past endeavours and building for the future. Sainte Anne Resort Island is an exceptional location with fast, regular, free transfers to the mainland. The staff at Sainte Anne are fully trained in incentive operations and offer personalised service second to none. Conference facilities for up to 50 people and with an option to reserve the hotel exclusively.

From £555 per delegate per day HB - life is what we make it - always has been, always will be.

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Take it easy in the Cousine Office
Rewarding Your Self

Not often is it possible for you to regroup and plan in total relaxation and ultra luxury within the confines of a truly amazing environment.

This is an opportunity for you to become one of the privileged few people who, each year, experience the unique environment that is Cousine Island - an absolute eco friendly gem in the midst of the Indian Ocean. With a possible maximum of just six other guests sharing this unbelievable island paradise, you are assured of as much attention - or seclusion -as you desire.

Exclusive Week Away on Cousine Island £7,770 per Villa all inclusive (flights and transfers excluded)
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